My First Blogging Income Report 2023 | How Much I Earn From Blogging?

How Much I Earn From Blogging? Hello friends how are you guys 4 years ago I was thinking about earning money online. I heard about many things and started trying.

Initially I created an e-commerce website and thought of earning money online through that, but after a few days my work stopped and I did not earn any money from it.

After that i got very disappointed i thought i can’t earn money online then i came to know about affiliate marketing and after few months i started amazon affiliate marketing after few months effortWhen I failed in that too, I left that too and was very disappointed.

How I Got Into Blogging?

After that I came to know about blogging from youtube, I felt that this work does not take much effort and it takes less money to start it. If you want, you can also start blogging for free.

I started blogging on WordPress. Initially I did not know much about blogging due to which my one year was wasted. In which I started two-three blogs, I did not get Google Adsense approval on any of them.

After a few days I left blogging too. But after a few months I realized that blogging can make money, the shortcoming is in my work.

I removed those shortcomings and again started a new blog on which I worked very hard and one day I got google adsense approval on that too, I was very happy that day. (How Much I Earn From Blogging?)

Adsense Approval Is Not The Ultimate Goal Of Any Blogger.

It was still taking me a long time to earn money from blogging. Adsense approval was received but traffic was not coming to my blog due to which my income was not increasing.

It was taking me time to complete my first hundred dollars from Adsense because still the traffic on my blog was not coming as expected.

Meanwhile, I got a good news when an Israeli company emailed me and offered me $40 to insert one of their links in one of my blog posts, I was very happy.

How Much I Earn From Blogging?
First Sponsorship income from blogging (How Much I Earn From Blogging)

I accepted his offer after a little discussion, thus for the first time in my life I earned money from online blogging and that too from sponsorship.

I slowly continued the blogging journey, after a few days traffic started coming to my blog and my $100 also got completed. (How Much I Earn From Blogging?)

How Much I Earn From Blogging 2023?

As I told that I had got the approval of Adsense but my $100 were not complete, before that I got a sponsorship of $ 40 which was offered to me by an Israeli company.

Although blogging is not my profession, blogging is a passive income for me, I have a small business and I also do share trading with blogging, it gives me some part time income.

How Much I Earn From Blogging?
$100 completed first time (How Much I Earn From Blogging)

Till the time of writing this article, I had earned $140 from blogging and this was the first online income of my life, even though it was small, but this money means a lot to me in return for my hard work. (How Much I Earn From Blogging?)

How Do You Start A Blog And Make Money 2023

It’s been almost 2 years since I started blogging and I’ve learned a lot, I’ve become great at content writing, now I am good to SEO, I’m very comfortable to use WordPress, and I know how to create a good URL of the post.

To say that I know a lot in blogging but I have already told you that blogging is not my main source of income, I keep doing it as my passive income , so till now my income from blogging has not increased.

But it is not that there is no money in blogging, there is a lot of money in blogging, the more hard you work, the more money you earn, I know many people who earn $1000 a day from blogging, some even more than that.

It all depends on your hard work and your passion, if you want to make blogging your main source of income, then you can feel free to make it, blogging can prove to be a very good career.(How Much I Earn From Blogging?)

What Mistakes Should Be Avoided While Creating A Blog?

In my initial days of blogging, I have made many mistakes due to which I wasted a lot of time, I do not want any of my friends or anyone reading this blog to repeat all those mistakes.

So let’s know some things which You should avoid doing in blogging:- (How Much I Earn From Blogging?)

  • You should always start blogging by doing a lot of research, what is the topic of your blog and how much is its search volume, start the blog only after researching all these things.
  • Before starting blogging, keep in mind that in which topic your interest is, if you start a blog in a topic against your interest, then you will not do blogging for a long time and will get bored very quickly.
  • Must write at least three or four blogs a week, never copy someone else’s blog, you can take ideas from other’s blog and try to write better than that.
  • Never panic in blogging because initially it takes some time to earn money from blogging but once you start earning money then things become easy.
  • Initially you should start blogging part time because it takes time but there should be consistency.

Always start blog with wordpress, use suitable domain name and quality hosting company, because it affects your website speed and directly affect your blog ranking. (How Much I Earn From Blogging?)


So this was my whole blogging journey which I have shared with you in very short words, I have tried to describe my 2 years blogging journey in very short words. (How Much I Earn From Blogging?)

This journey has just begun, whatever things are ahead I will keep learning and sharing with you sincerely.

Because I believe that the more you sincerely help others, the more we will get peace & satisfaction in life, Thank you.

How Much I Earn From Blogging?

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